Phase I – Sourcing & Underwriting

Our team has developed a nationwide network of several hundred real estate brokers and continues to build upon the network everyday to source the top 1% of opportunities. Our expansive network delivers off-market opportunities (i.e. opportunities that are not typically available to the general public), as our network of brokers rely on our professional experience and reputation for closing deals and closing quickly. We receive and review these offerings on a daily basis.
Each opportunity is processed through our proprietary underwriting system, paying specific attention to accuracy of information, potential value add strategies, capital requirements, and historical sale and lease comps.

Phase II – Acquisition

Once the letter of intent is accepted, our acquisition team transitions into the acquisition phase, and utilizes a proprietary system of processes to quickly and efficiently close on the opportunity. Due diligence begins immediately and is handled by our team of professionals with the support of outside team members who are the best in the business in their field. Our in-house counsel team collaborates with local counsel, securities attorneys, tax professionals and others to ensure strict compliance with the law and regulations.

Phase III – Execution/Construction/Stabilization

We use our expertise along with the experience and skill sets of key partners in our industry to execute our vision. Whether we are making physical improvements, revamping management, repurposing the asset or developing from the ground up, this Phase is where value is added to the asset.

Phase IV – Operation and Reporting

Our experience has resulted in our ability to ensure proper reserves, risk management, and financial controls to provide consistent, predictable cash flow to our investors. We utilize only the best property managers to assist us in the day to day operations of the assets. We then consistently report back to our investors on progress throughout the entire journey.

Phase V – Disposition

When the time is right, and when we hit or surpass our profit targets, we move forward with a refinance or sale of the property in order to return capital to our investors. At this point the cycle starts over and we provide new opportunities to help our investors continue to grow their wealth.